Charles Fréger | Wilder Mann and the Others

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Charles Fréger | Wilder Mann and the Others
The event is part of the series ‘APR3 – Architettura del paesaggio a Roma Tre’ and the ‘Words and things’ lecture series for the PhD Program ‘Landscapes of the Contemporary City’.

Charles Fréger | Wilder Mann and the Others

friday, may 22, 2020 | 3.30 pm
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curated by Annalisa Metta

Mythology of every region of the world is full of countless monsters that evoke the 'supernatural' encounter between the human and the wild: Sphinxes, Centaurs, Fauni, Gargoyles, and Spider-Man are just some of them. They usually inhabit legends, comics, or science fiction. Yet since 2010 Charles Fréger has been portraying masked figures wearing animal skins, plants, bones, and horns, across almost twenty European countries. They break the line between humans and non-humans and recover an empathetic but disturbing relation with nature. Their clothes are other than what urbanity has been using to cover its collective body and to stand out from the rest of the living world. Whether frightening or grotesque, they question words and ideas such as other, wild, modern, primal, exoticism, universal, global, ritual, tradition, normal, control, freedom.

Charles Fréger is a photographer based in Rouen. His series focus on sportsmen, soldiers, or students across the world, mainly on the clothes and uniform they wear, exploring the game of diversity and otherness and the relations between individual and social bodies. He chooses communities having the most striking and prestigious costumes, as well as more modest situations in which the collective image represents the local way of life. His works are in many publications and have been exposed in numerous museums and private galleries in Europe, Asia, and United States of America. The Wilder Mann series is currently on display at the Centre d'art contemporain intercommunal in Istres, after being exhibited in many cities, including Istanbul, Gent, Nantes, Rotterdam, Belfast, Rome, Chambery, Strasbourg, Milan. Charles Fréger also founded the artistic community Piece of Cake and the publishing company POC. Link identifier #identifier__177575-2


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