• Mario Cerasoli
  • Researcher
  • Scientific disciplinary sector ICAR/21 - urbanistica
  • E-mail mario.cerasoli@uniroma3.it
  • Telefono 06.57339687

Achitect, PhD at the Department of Territorial and Urban Planning at Rome University ‚ÄúLa Sapienza‚ÄĚ. Since 2002 he teaches Urban Planning at the Department of Architecture of the University Roma Tre. Since 2005 he is a researcher (permanent position) of Urban Planning at the Department of Architecture at the Roma Tre University. His main research themes are: the relationships between infrastructure, mobility and territory; the rules urban and suburban settlements; the urban renewal of historic centers. Actually on these issues he carries out and coordinates researches and projects both at nationally and internationally level and also in developing countries.
For the Department of Architecture, he is the academic coordinator of the cooperation agreements with the universities of Latin America and Caribbean and the CSF – Science Without Borders Program with the Federal Government of Brazil.
He partecipates in the CRISA Interdepartmental Research Center of American Studies and in the Social and Economic Research Centre “Manlio Rossi-Doria”, both established at the Roma Tre University.
Since 2013 he is visiting professor at the MBArch, Master’s degree in Advanced Studies in Architecture-Barcelona – Specialization line in Urban and Architectonic Management and Valuation of ETSAB-UPC, where he held a seminar on the recovery of historic centers.
Former member in the Teachers Committee of the Doctoral School ‚ÄúCultures of the changing city and territory‚ÄĚ, section: ‚ÄúLocal policies and planning‚ÄĚ, since 2015 he is member of the Academic Committee of the Doctorate in Urban and Architectonic Management and Valuations, at Department of Architectural Technology I of the UPC Universitat Polit√®cnica de Catalunya in Barcelona.
He has lectured at various universities in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil and El Salvador.
He works as consultant on urban and territorial planning and restoration at municipalities and other public and private institutions.
Married, he is fond of cooking, photography and travel; when it’s possible, he¬†only¬†dance the rio-platense Tango. He¬†owns two old Volkswagen, with which circulates alternately.