• Giovanni Formica
  • Associate professor
  • Scientific disciplinary sector ICAR/08 - scienza delle costruzioni
  • E-mail giovanni.formica@uniroma3.it
  • Telefono 06.57336253

Associate Professor in Solid Mechanics (since Jan 2015).
Assistant Professor in Solid Mechanics, University of Roma Tre (2005-2014).
Post-Doc Fellow at Institute of Mathematics (2005, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland)
PhD in Computational Mechanics (Mar 2005, University of Calabria, Italy).
Structural Engineer, degree in Civil Engineering (Oct 2000, University of Calabria, Italy).
High School Degree in Humanities subjects (Jun 1994, Potenza, Italy).

Programming: C, C++, Pascal, Objective-C, FORTRAN.
Scripting: UNIX Shell, Python, Mathematica, Matlab, HTML, Maple.
Operating Systems: UNIX (Ubuntu, MacOS X), Linux, Windows, iOS, Android.
Languages: English and French (working knowledge).

_ meso-scale mechanical model for nonlinear dynamic (hysteretic) characterisation of Carbon NanoTube (CNT) nanocomposites: SiNDy 1.0, in-house developed source code in c++/python for 3D simulations.
_ efficient and reliable algorithm for following crack growths in 2D elastic media, adopting standard FEM.
_ computational framework to path follow periodic solutions of nonlinear spatially continuous systems and more general coupled multiphysics problems represented by systems of PDEs with time-dependent excitations.
_ multiscale numerical methodology for nonlinear analysis of brickwork masonry walls in terms of both mechanical and environemental damage processes.

RESEARCH PROJECTS (selected collaborations and grants)
_ CNT nanocomposites
“Bridging high strength and dissipation in carbon nanotube composites”, US Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR), Grant FA9550-14-1-0082. (2014-present).
“Fuel cell-supercapacitor hybrid system for unmanned device”, Agency for Defense Development in South-Korea (with Institute of Advanced Technologies, Trapani, Italy), numerical task leader (2010-2012).
_ Structural stability
“Ultrafast and robust, resettable threshold sensors based on discontinuity-induced nonlinearities”, US National Science Foundation (with University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL, USA), co-researcher (2009-2012).
_ Masonry Strcutures
3ENCULT (Efficient Energy for EU Cultural Heritage) project, 7th Framework Programme – COOPERATION (Ref. 260162), co-researcher (2011-2014).
SMooHS Collaborative EU-Project (Smart Monitoring of Historic Structures), 7th Framework Programme – ENVIRONMENT (Ref. 212939), co-researcher (2009-2011).
A feasibility study to build new houses in stone masonry. Research contract with Manzi Srl Society (Trani, Italy), numerical task leader (2006-2007).
_Fracture Mechanics
“SMART Systems, New Materials, Adaptive Systems and their Nonlinearities. Modeling and Computation”, European Research and Training Network (Ref. HPRN-CT-2002-00284), co-researcher (2005-2007)
“A thermomechanics based fracture assessment method for structural components”, Academy of Finland (Ref. 55375), co-researcher (2005).

_ Nanocomposites: high-damping, high-strength carbon nanotube composites.
_ Parallel and distributed reconstruction of fracture paths in brittle materials.

Lecturer for the course “Fundaments of Structural Mechanics”, Bachelors Degree (since 2006).
Lecturer for the course “Computational Structural Analysis”, Master Degree (since 2009).
Teaching Staff Member of PhD in Scienze e Tecnologie Fisiche, Chimiche e dei Materiali, since 2014 University of “Calabria“, Italy
PhD in Computational Mechanics, University of “Calabria“, Italy since 2006
International Graduate School “Hard Sciences – Bernardino Telesio“

Lecturer for
_ Computational Mechanics, International Master Course in Civil Engineering, within the Dual Degree program (Laurea Magistrale & US Master of Science) between Columbia University and University of Bologna (2011-2014, Bologna, Italy).
_ Visiting Professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champain (2010, USA)
_ Struttura della CittĂ , Solid Mechanics module Master Degree (2007-2011).

Teaching Staff Member of
_ PhD in Scienze e Tecnologie Fisiche, Chimiche e dei Materiali (2014-2015, University of Calabria, Italy)
_ PhD in Computational Mechanics (2006-2010, University of Calabria, Italy)
_ International Graduate School “Hard Sciences – Bernardino Telesio” (2010-2013, University of Calabria, Italy)

LAST PAPERS (selected)
_ Formica V, Formica D, Formica G (2016). The ‘death pace’ in the CO.17 trial. EUR J CANCER, 53: 1-4.
_ Formica G, Lacarbonara W (2015). A nonlinear mechanical model for the fatigue life of thin-film carbon nanotube supercapacitors. COMPOS PART B-ENG, 80: 299-306.
_ Castellazzi G, de Miranda S, Formica G, Molari L, Ubertini F (2015). Coupled hygro-mechanical multiscale analysis of masonry walls. ENG STRUCT, 84: 266-278.
_ Formica G, Lembo M, Podio-Guidugli P (2014). An improved theory of laminated Reissner-Mindlin plates. INT J SOLIDS STRUCT, 51: 1562-1575.
_ Formica G, Talò M, Lacarbonara W (2014). Nonlinear modeling of carbon nanotube composites dissipation due to interfacial stick-slip. INT J PLASTICITY, 53: 148-163.
_ Formica G, Arena A, Lacorbanara W, Dankowicz H (2011). Coupling FEM with parameter continuation for analysis and bifurcations of periodic responses in nonlinear structures. J COMPUT NONLIN DYN, 8 (2), art. no. 021013.
_ Formica G, Lacarbonara W, Alessi R (2010). Vibrations of carbon nanotube-reinforced composites. J SOUND VIB 329: 1875-1889.