He graduated with honors in Civil Engineering (Structures) in 2003 at Roma Tre University (UNIRM3). He obtained the 2nd Level Master Degree (Third Cycle, Postgraduate) with title “Innovazione nella Progettazione, Riabilitazione e Controllo delle Strutture in Cemento Armato” (Structural Design) in 2005 at UNIRM3. He is Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering Sciences in 2009 at UNIRM3. His research activity since 2009, as a research fellow at the Dept. of Structures (UNIRM3) and then at the Dept. of Architecture (UNIRM3), deals with: the seismic retrofitting of bridges, the seismic response of bridges subjected to synchronous or asynchronous actions, the interventions aimed to mitigate the seismic response of structures, the seismic behavior of existing bridges or buildings which are damaged after an earthquake and then repaired and retrofitted by means of innovative techniques and materials (stainless steel rebars, self-compacting concrete, high performance concretes with fibers, etc), the development of a test apparatus for the execution of pseudo-dynamic tests on scaled structures, the generation of non-synchronous seismic signals considering the local site effects, the modeling of soil-structure interaction, the modeling of the cyclic behavior of materials (stainless steel or carbon steel rebar, concrete confined by FRP, high-performance concrete with fibers, etc), the modeling of the instability of steel rebars, uncertainties during the assessment of existing structures capacity and the identification of the dynamic behavior of structures (in particular historic structures such as the Tower of Pisa). In 2016 he is Assistant Professor of the Dept. of Architecture at UNIRM3. He collaborates with the “College of Civil Engineering of Fuzhou University” (China) and with the “International Research Center Sustainable and Innovative Bridge Environmental Research Center of Fujian Province University” (SIBERC) in China working on different research projects. He took part in the activities for revising the Italian Structural Code and the National Annex for the Structural Eurocode (EC8) carried out by the “Associazione Nazionale Italiana Cemento Armato e Precompresso (AICAP)” on behalf of “Consiglio Superiore dei Lavori Pubblici”. He collaborates with the fib (Fédération internationale du béton) Task Groups T3.3 “Assessment/Evaluation Procedures of Existing Structures”. His teaching activity is about the Structural Engineering and the Structural Design of Structures in Seismic Zone. Teaching: “Progettazione Strutturale 2MB”.