• Annalisa Metta
  • Researcher
  • Scientific disciplinary sector ICAR/15 - architettura del paesaggio
  • E-mail annalisa.metta@uniroma3.it
  • Telefono 06.57332965

Annalisa Metta (1977), graduated in architecture at the Roma Tre University (2002), PhD in Architecture of Parks and Gardens (Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria, XX cycle), since 2010 is permanent assistant professor in Landscape Architecture (ICAR 15) for the Department of Architecture at the Roma Tre University. He gained the national scientific qualification as associate professor in the 2012 session.

She teaches theory and design of landscape architecture for the Department of Architecture of the Roma Tre University. She coordinates the Master of Science Laboratory “Through the GRA. Projects for the ring-city “. In 2011 she conceived and held the course “FAP – Fundamentals of Landscape Architecture”, then chosen in four semesters by over than 450 students as an optional subject. She is member of the faculty in the PhD Program Landscapes of the Contemporary City. At the same University, she coordinated the post grade course in Parks and Public Space Design – OPEN, directed by Francesco Ghio, since 2009, the year of its establishment, to 2014. In this role, she was responsible for the definition of all the didactic content, the selection and coordination of the scientific contributions of the different teachers, including some of the greatest Italian and foreign protagonists of the contemporary landscape architecture.
She has taught in several Italian and foreign universities, including the Escola Tecnica Superior d’Arquitectura (Barcelona, ‚Äč‚Äč2010), the School of Design at Penn University (Philadelphia, 2010), the Rome Program at Washington University in Seattle (Rome 2011 and 2015), the Ecole Nationale Sup√©rieure de Paysage de Versailles / Marseille (2016).
In 2014 she received a special mention in the eighth edition of the School Prize established by the International Biennale of Landscape of Barcelona, ‚Äč‚Äčone of the five prizes over 734 candidate schools.

Research. Her research focuses on three main topics: landscape architecture as a precondition and a method for city arrangement; public space design and architecture of behavior; open design space for collective residence.
She is the Italian Fellow in Architecture at the American Academy in Rome (2016-2017), with the project “Southward. When Rome will have gone to Tunis”.
She was a permanent member of the research program “Living Urban Scape” (2011-2014), at the IUAV of Venice (coord. M. De Matteis) and the Roma Tre University (coord. ML Olivetti), funded by the Italina Ministry of Education, University and Reasearch, under the program FIRB 2008: the topic was the urban regeneration of public housing neighborhoods, built in Italy in the 60s and 80s, focusing on the core role of open spaces.
In 2014 she edited the exhibition Learning from Mrs. and Mr. Halprin. Choreography of the everyday life, with B. Di Donato, commissioned by the Casa dell’Architettura in Rome, in collaboration with The Architectural Archive of Penn University in Philadelphia, The National Council of Architects, the Bruno Zevi Foundation, the Jewish Museum of Rome, IN / ARCH Lazio.
She was a member of the Scientific Committee for the participation of the Department of Architecture of the Roma Tre University in the exhibition Roma 20-25. New life cycles for the Metropolis, promoted by Roma Capitale – Department of Urban Transformations and the MAXXI Museum (2015).

Among the books bearing her signature, the monographs: Paesaggi d’autore. Il Novecento in 120 progetti (2008) and Anna e Lawrence Halprin. Paesaggi e coreografie del quotidiano (2015, with B. Di Donato). She edited the volumes: Come giardini – Alphaville Architects (2015); Progettare paesaggi quotidiani (2014, with M. L. Olivetti and A. Lambertini); Citt√† pubblica/Paesaggi comuni (2013, with A. Lambertini and M. L. Olivetti); Open papers. Scritti sul paesaggio (2012, con F. Ghio and L. Montuori). Her essays are featured on specialized books and magazines. Among the titles concernig her work as a designer, different numbers of Paisea magazine, including the monograph dedicated to Italy (2011), and the volumes On Site (2009) and On the Move (2015) edited by the Landscape Architecture Foundation Europe.

Since 2007, she carries out design activities in Osa architettura e paesaggio, set in Rome, of which she is a founder and partner with M. Acito, M. Burrascano, L. Catalano, C. Rogai and L. Reale. The main topics of her design works are largely the same on which she focuse as a researcher and teacher, with particular insistence on transcalarity and the links between public space and territorial matrices; ongoing process, evolutions in time and perfomative forms of the landscape; ephemeral landscapes. Among the rewarded and published projects for competition, which she took part in the role of designer: Urban Park of Bagnoli, Naples, 2006 (first prize); Europan 8 “European urbanity and strategic projects”, Latin, 2006 (II prize); Landscaping configuration of the M5 motorway in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia, 2008 (first prize); Urban garden, underground infrastructure and access to the ancient Sassi in Matera, 2009 (first prize); Landscape of the Salto and Turano lakes, Province of Rieti, 2009 (II prize); Open-air museum on Karst Gorizia: 2014+ Karst, 2010 (finalist); Landscaped recovery and rehabilitation of the amphitheater Manuel Antonio Ramirez, Posadas (Argentina), 2011 (special mention); Emerald City Hub: Urban Playground, Seattle, 2012 (finalist).

In 2012 Osa architettura e paesaggio edited and designed the Bosco Italia section of the Italian Pavilion at the 13th edition of the International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale.