• Lucia Nucci
  • Associate professor
  • Scientific disciplinary sector ICAR/21 - urbanistica
  • E-mail lucia.nucci@uniroma3.it
  • Telefono 06.57339690

Lucia Nucci (1971), associate professor in urban design (2014), brings skills associated with the contemporary city regeneration through public space design, studying particularly metropolitan and local open space system, the development of indicators of quality of life (spatial, environmental, public services, economic, social) associated with the comparison of a range of European cities in different countries. In addition, she has developed indicators relevant to measuring the differences in urban policy and its implementation among Italian cities. She also brings highly developed skills of visual observation and documentation to the project. She is Ph.D. in Urban Design (2002), holds a Master’s degree in Urban Policy and Master in Planning methods for metropolitan areas. She teaches urban design at the University of Roma Tre, coordinates the Erasmus+ Program (2009), member of Ph.D. boards University of “Roma Tre” (2009). She has taught in several national and international masters and PhD program. She has worked as a researcher for international and national research projects (Prin Re-cycle,…). Lucia Nucci is in the national editorial board of “Urbanistica” INU National Institute of planning.