• Anna Laura Palazzo
  • Associate Professor
  • Scientific disciplinary sector ICAR/21 - urbanistica
  • E-mail annalaura.palazzo@uniroma3.it
  • Telefono 06.57339607

Associate Professor in Urban Planning at “Rome Tre” University of Rome, National Scientific Qualification (ASN) as Full University Professor in the sector Urban and land planning and design (Italian Ministry of University).
Ph.D. in Town and Country Planning and M.S. Degree in Investigation and Restoration of Monuments.
Coordinator of the Ph.D. programme “Local Project and Territorial Policies’ and member of the teaching staff of Ph.D. programme “Landscapes of the contemporary City. Policies, Techniques and visual Studies”.
Senior researcher or coordinator in national and international research projects (Med, COST, Marie Curie, Erasmus +) dealing with regional development, urban regeneration, heritage and landscape planning, energy planning.
Co-editor of “Urbanistica Dossier” and member of the editorial board of “Urbanistica Informazioni” and “Urbanistica3”.
Visiting Professor at: Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon (2009); Northeastern University of Boston (2012); San Diego State University (2013); Université de Liège (2014); Université de Paris “La Sorbonne” (2016).
Author of several books, peer-reviewed articles and international research reports.

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Research reports
MED project “ENERSCAPES – Territory, landscape and renewable energies”, 2013 (www.enerscapes.eu/).
Primo Rapporto “Giorgio Rota” sull’innovazione territoriale sostenibile nel Lazio “Non tutte le strade portano a Roma”, 2014.