• Mario Panizza
  • Full professor
  • Scientific disciplinary sector ICAR/14 - composizione architettonica e urbana
  • E-mail mario.panizza@uniroma3.it
  • Telefono 06.57339610

Rector of Roma Tre University from June 2013 to June 2017.
Full professor of Architecture and Urban Design, he was Director of the Roma Tre Architecture Department since its creation in January 2013; he was Vice-Dean of the Roma Tre Faculty of Architecture, Rector’s Deputy for Building Planning and Development from 2009 to 2012; He was also Roma Tre Board of Administration Member from 1999 to 2005.
Rector Panizza is a graduate of Architecture, and has taught and lectured at Sapienza University from 1977 to 1992 on subjects such as social housing and architectural character. Since 1992 he has taught Architectural Planning Labs in Roma Tre’s Faculty of Architecture.
His research activities mainly concerned comparative studies between architectural character and consolidated urban tissue, significant from a historical and architectural point of view.
In recent years, the editing of the “L’Architetto italiano” review and of the “Tecnotipo” manuals lead to deepening subjects connected to building concreteness and its translation to real context.
The development of the Costantina Masterplan also encourange multi-disciplinary approaches, setting the basis for experimenting integrated solutions, aimed at finding compatibility among architectural choices, economic development and natural resources enhancement.
Among his published works:
Scuole materne, elementari e secondarie, Utet, Turin 1989
Mister Grattacielo, Laterza, Roma Bari 1987. Second edition 1990.
Figure. Cinque novelle di architettura contemporanea, Edizioni Associate, Rome 1989
Gli edifici per lo spettacolo, Laterza, Rome Bari 1996
Architetture e cittĂ  incompiute, Philos, Rome 2001
Edifici per la musica, edizione Mancosu, Roma 2012.
“TecnoTipo – sezione tipologie”, planning manual series, editor Mancosu, Rome. Scientific Director together with Francesco Cellini.
Architetture in “L’architetto italiano”, bimonthly newsletter in architecture, editor Mancosu, Roma. Scientific Director together with Francesco Cellini.