The Architectural Section “Enrico Mattiello” of University Arts Library owns a fund composed by monographies, manuals and essays, text-books of history of architecture, science and building technology, environmental and urban planning.

The magazine area has been activated in 1995, year of the library foundation, neverthless it collects several year’s issues from the first decades of the century of the most important Italian architecture magazines. Moreover, it has a videotapes collection, concerning architecture in general and urban history in particular, as well as bibliographical cd-roms, like databases (for example Avery Index, Iconda, Art Index, Urbandisc), including data sheets of the most important specialized international magazines. The library  periodically edits the publication of “Quaderni di bibliografie tematiche”.

The library is also a member of “Associazione Italiana di Documentazione Avanzata” (Aida) and collaborates to the various projects promoted by “Centro Nazionale delle Biblioteche di Architettura” (Cnba).