Lighting and Acoustics

Illuminotecnica_webThe Lighting and Acoustics Laboratory (IAL), belonging to the Roma Tre University’s Department of Architecture (DIPAR), develops activities in several fields of interest. Its goal is to promote both research activities, also in cooperation with other laboratories, and measurement, planning and counselling activities for third parties.

The Laboratory constitutes a valid support to the educational activities within the Degree’s and PhD’s courses (Roma Tre University) and the Lighting Design Master MLD (Sapienza University). Moreover it takes part to national and international projects, and it is open to proposals of collaboration with other research institutes or public or private industrial structures. The Laboratory has reached a particular synergy with the Interdepartmental Laboratory of Technical Physics (LIFT), which promotes research activities in the areas of Technical and Environmental Physics, widening the field of interest to the analysis of systems from an energetic, thermal hygrometric and environmental quality point of view.

In the Laboratory one can make experimental measurements of illuminance and luminance, spectral distribution of light sources, and characterize the reflecting properties of materials. Plus, the laboratory can provide advice for the design of luminaires, even following the prototyping and executing stage.

Measurements within the field of sound pressure, equivalent level, sound intensity, exposure to noise, frequency analysis, vibration, reverberation time, acoustic isolation of structures under construction, can be carried out as well. The high quality (first class) equipment is connected to a computerised system, which acquires and elaborates data.

The supplied equipment, shared with the LIFT, is composed of:

  • Illuminator and standard reflector plate
  • PHOTOANALYTICAL LMK 98-4 Video-photometer
  • Luminance standard light source
  • TECHNOTEAM LMK2000 Portable photometer
  • DELTA OHM HD 2012 Goniophotometer System
  • Software: Dialux, Litestar, Relux, Relux Tunnel, Tracepro
  • TESTO SPA Probe measuring the luminous intensity
  • PRAGMA SCIENTIFIC Srl Probe measuring the electrical field
  • KONICA MINOLTA Contact thermo colorimeter
  • PHOTOANALYTICAL 3001 Spectrophotometer for glasses
  • Environmental Station (Illuminaces, UV, Temperatures, Humidity; RH) Elesc 764
  • KONICA MINOLTA Spectrophotometer