Building material processes and components

La sezione longitudinale dell’alloggio.

La sezione longitudinale dell’alloggio.

The Building material processes and components Laboratory (PcMC), other than being a solid educational support for the activities carried out in the courses of Technology and for the study of specific issues for the degree thesis of various courses with cognitive and practical goals, has been created within the DiPSA to promote theoretical and practical research activities in the field of high energy performance buildings.

The Laboratory carries out environmental monitoring activities and controls the comfort conditions in confined spaces, planning activities for developing energetic requalification projects on existing buildings.

The laboratory carries out the following activities:

– measurements of the thermal transmittance properties of exterior walls and roofs
– interior and exterior thermo graphic inspections to damage detection for historical buildings
– thermo graphic inspections for identification of thermal bridges
– environmental monitoring for analysing the energetic behaviour of the building, with a specific equipment for continuous detection (measurements each 15 minutes for a period of 12 months): air temperature, humidity, surface temperatures of intrados and extrados of roofs, interior and exterior surface temperatures of walls, measurement of the air speed.

Furthermore the laboratory has equipment and competences for creating mathematical models useful for simulating and verifying the energetic behaviour of buildings.


10 Data loggers and portable tools for measuring temperature, humidity with automatic detection
Multifunctional instrument for measuring temperature/humidity/air speed
3d modelling software
Instruments for detecting transmittance
Specific software for creating mathematical model for dynamic simulation of the energetic behaviour of buildings
Flir B250 thermo camera with quadrangular optics and SW Flir Reporter ver. 8.3 it
Thermo flow meter complete of probes and thermal plate