LaMS Modelling and Simulation + Math Formulas

Laboratorio strumentale MatThe Lams/formulas Laboratory arises from the convergence between instruments and experience of the two laboratories Lams and

The Mathematics Laboratory, belonging to the Roma Tre University’s Department of Architecture (DArc), has the following goals:

  • research in teaching and scientific education, diffusion of the mathematical culture for the development of a solid scientific citizenship;
  • museum paths: development and ideation of abstracting paths, which result in the organisation of scientific exhibitions. Planning of public spaces installations;
  • planning of open hands-on workshops with appropriate equipment, for third parties as well; planning and realisation of kits for schools and exhibitions;
  • models for reading data deriving from laser scanning or photogrammetric surveys. Mathematical statistic models for analysing the land use. Production and validation of software for third parties;
  • environmental sound: research and analysis of sounds in open spaces and of the sound characterization in public spaces.