Graphic design


Activities within the fields of survey and graphic design are preferred themes in the Graphic design Laboratory, along with the study carried out in collaboration with other research areas and the development within the architectural, urban and archaeological design area.

The Laboratory supports all the activities which go from the project representation to the architectural and urban survey, with particular regard to experimental and innovative researches, such as, for example: sophisticated systems for the architectural and archaeological survey; production of computerised representations of existing and non-existing buildings; cartographic updating; historic urban and territorial cartographic processing; analysis of pictures and their strategic opportunities; instrumental and photogrammetric surveys useful to catalogue and reuse; built cartographic processing; analysis and comparison between ancient and actual architectural surveys.

The on going activity in the laboratory has been developing in the last months around the different issues related to survey, especially in the use of the 3D laser scanner. The most recent experiences, carried out in different sites (Aurelian Walls, Arc of Drusus, Pantheon, San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane, Circus Maximus), realised by using this kind of technology integrated with others and developed thanks to the help of archaeologists, architects and restorers, allowed to build a solid specific professional experience. This kind of innovative methodology of integrated survey has been showed in sector conventions and in a workshop, organised in Rome, focused on the use of laser scanner.