Academic programs

Both the european professional contest and the international context demand a complete education, solid in scientific, humanistic and cultural bases and, at the same time, dynamic and open to innovation and research in the various directions regarding the evolution of the architects’ role. For this reason the educational program has been organized in three cycles: the first one is set to provide a well-structured and complete basic education, the second one to achieve an advanced and thorough professional competence, strengthen by a specific cultural and operating orientation, the latter to organize an informed planning and/or critical specialisation.


Courses recognized at European Level

Each Master’s Degree Course, enabled in the Department, has been published into the Official Journal of the European Communities ; graduated students, once passed the national licensing examination, have access to one of the national Architectural Associations (in the A section); moreover, they will be allowed to practice and establish their professional office within the member States of the European Union.


Managers’ Degree Courses

Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Architecture: professor Luigi Franciosini

Master’s Degree in Architectural Design: professor Giovanni Longobardi

Master’s Degree in Urban Design: professore Simone Ombuen

Master’s Degree in Architectural Restoration: professor Francesca Romana Stabile