prof. Elisabetta Pallottino
tel. 06 57332947

deputy director
prof. Carlo Baggio
tel. 06 57332997

administrative area
largo Giovanni Battista Marzi, 10
00153, Roma
fax: 06 57332940


administrative officer
dr. Chiara Pepe
tel. 06 57332943
mr. Fabio Calcabrini
tel. 06 57332991
ms. Katia De Amicis
tel. 06 57339605
mr. Diego Pisilli
tel. 06 57332942

management secretary
ms. Pamela Moretto
tel. 06 57332947
teaching entrustments and contracts
dr. Sabina Spadaccioli
tel. 06 57339626

didactic area
largo Giovanni Battista Marzi, 10
00153, Roma

fax 0657339630


didactic officer
dr. Noemi Di Gianfilippo
tel. 06 57339628


didactic functions and organization
ms. Sara Bertucci
ms. Sonia Ferrante
ms. Adriana Tedesco


monday and friday 11am – 1pm
wednesday 3pm – 5pm
tel. 0657332100
for possible appointments write to


internship and space mangement
arch. Maria Gabriella Gallo


IT Laboratory
mr. Emiliano Mattiello


dr. Eugenia Scrocca
Receiving hours: from monday to friday 11am – 1pm and with appointment

Via Madonna dei Monti, 40
tel. 0657332949

research area
via Madonna dei Monti 40
00184, Roma
fax 0657339649
research officer
dr. Cristina Tessaro
tel. 0657339603

research assignments and space management
mr. Sergio Podera
tel. 0657339606

research and PhD agency
ms. Francesca Porcari
tel. 0657339608


The office receives from monday to friday, from 11am to 1pm and with appointments.

IT services and webmaster
mr. Ivan Guiducci
tel. 06 57332946

website editor 
ms. Pamela Moretto
tel. 06 57332947