Tutoring and rules about the teaching Functioning
Tutor professor substitution form

Reference professor
The Department assigns to each student three professors to refer to for:
– Individual guidance to help with studies choices
– Certification of credits for Other Formative Activities, that the student can get through:
1. Activities organized by the Department: the student will have to prove the participation in the activities approved by the commission (Commissione di Funzionamento e Valutazione Didattica, CFVD) and published on this website.
2. Activities suggested by the student: in each case the professors will choose the activities to certificate, how to estimate them and the number of credits to assign.

For each activity the student is free to choose which one of the professors to consult.
In case of operative problems, the professors can address to the commission (CFVD).

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S.O.S.   Student Orientation Support

What is a S.O.S. student?
It’s an Architecture student prepared to help you with the orientation inside the Department.
What does this service offer?
You can address to us if you have doubts regarding…
… what are the formative credits (CFU)?
… what are the three reference tutor professors?
… how to move inside the athenaeum?
… what services does the university offer?
… what is the athenaeum linguistic centre (CLA)?
… and everything you don’t dare to ask to the offices!

Info and opening hours
The meetings are held in the hall of the Department didactic office.
You can contact us via email: tutor.architettura@uniroma3.it