Maths Laboratory

formulas_webWe learned a lot through the twenty years in which we had the chance to work with architects and training architects.

The website  gathers the maths related to the courses of the Department of Architecture. You will learn that it is possible to talk about a mathematics “didactic laboratory”, loudly demanded by the community, and that there are many variations of it, as there are many purposes.

In the website you can find:

  • a blog managed with the help of a student to keep up with what could be a common interest;
  • in “courses”, you can find models made by students to examine some three-dimensional properties;
  • In “gallery”, photos of collective hands-on workshops (origamis, zometools, Persian mosaics)
  • In “download”, authentic software – that you can freely download -, the kit to build paper platonic solids and printable models.