Models and Prototypes Laboratory

modelli-e-prototipi_webThe projects, models and prototypes laboratory of the Department of Architecture of Roma Tre primarily aims to provide multidisciplinary resources to support research and didactic programmes behind the architecture project at different scales: from the territory to the city, from the building to the design product and to the production of models and prototypes.
Skills and knowledge are also developed to meet the demands of the University and external organizations. The laboratory joins the work of both internal and external staff, with specific competences, for a complete and comprehensive offer.
The lab gives also room to train students preparing their theses and new graduates involved with scientific researches or works carried out by the Department for third parties. We provide equipment and knowledge for the production of design material – from the feasibility phase to the executive one ÔÇô and the concerning technical, economical and administrative documentation.

Largo Giovanni Battista Marzi, 10 (padiglione 15A)