Through the GRA. Proposals for the ring city

Laboratorio_GRAThe topic is a design-oriented investigation of the city standing and living along the GRA. In the last sixty years, the highway defined a particular urban condition, made of incoherent and instable clots of residential plots, commercial and logistical poles, international businesses’ administrative offices, illegal districts, entertainment containers, productive cores, which approach one to another and fairly propagate as singular pieces, organizing themselves above the Rome orography. The fragmented planning tools Rome is used to organize its future transitions ought to be add to the atomization of the urban shape. On the setting, the great parks and reserves, the undefined spaces stretching along the infrastructural borders, wild natural wrecks, crumbling productive areas, car parks and oversized standard equipment, rural areas in degeneration: they draw together a “free layer”, with several designing issues. The idea is to manage the different parts of the city, which orbit around the GRA, to work on the “free layer” as it was another infra-structure, which joins them and could really structure the city. The last goal is to try to reverse the usual meaning of the relationship between centre and suburbs and to conceive this nimbus as the centre of a metropolitan territorial system, considering Rome in its totality.