Master’s Degree – Architectural Restoration

IMG_LRestauroThe Master’s Degree in Architectural Restoration is specifically focused on the restoration of the built and monumental heritage, developing a crucial and representative professional case (restoration of monuments, in Italy, is indeed theonly activity, in the design field, exclusively restricted to architects).

The academic program requires a solid knowledge of manners and techniques regarding the urban building construction, at all levels, and offers, at the same time, the possibility to lead a practical experimentation and design synthesis about the restoration of the architectural building heritage, referring both to the constructive and monumental and urban environmental aspects of the historic town centres. The main goal is to educate designers to have a technical, historical and critical high-level culture, nevertheless the right consciousness for the execution of the architectural project applied in historical, archaeological, artistic and anthropological contexts.

The Department’s Master’s Degrees provide an educational pathway structured in thematic terms, organized in practical workshops distinctly interdisciplinary. Particularly, the Master’s Degree in Architectural Restoration is based on a precise sequence that leads from the cognitive aspects of historical urban morphology and of urban restoration, carried out during the first year, to the ones referred to the architectural restoration and monuments, during the second year. The last semester of the Master’s Degree is dedicated to the fulfilment of a thesis also by participating to Thesis Workshops.


Programme 2017/2018


Programme 2016/2017