Other educational activities

IMG_AAFThe Other Educational Activities allow students to have the chance to customize their curriculum studiorum depending on their interests, attitudes, curiosities, even though they are not integral part of the academic program. In our educational program 10 credits are required for Other Educational Activities in the Bachelor’s Degree of Science of Architecture, 8 credits in the Master’s Degree in Architectural Design and Architectural Restoration and 6 credits in the Master’s Degree in Urban Design. Although the corresponding credits of the Other Educational Activities are provided for each year and specified for each term, these ones can be earned during the whole academic  path, and do not provide an evaluation in thirtieths, but only a pass-fail certificate. Our students can choose to earn these credits according to the following conditions:

  • activities organized by the Department: student shall prove to have participated to one of the activities approved by the Educational Committee, and included in this list, that can be consulted in the Administration’s register and that is posted in the ex-Slaughterhouse office.
  • activities promoted by the student himself: the reference professors, following the directions established by the Educational Committee, will decide, case by case, which activity to certificate, modalities of judgment and number of credits to assign.