Planning the complexity

Desideri_Bunshaft Lever house NYC 1956Complex projects, programs, systems: the continue reference to conditions of an irreducible complexity seems to affect the contemporary condition, it keeps on coming out persistently in the architects’ and urban planners’ common lexis. It looks like the whole project began all of a sudden complex in the actual contemporaneity.

On the contrary, to me, it looks like the cultural horizon of our contemporary season cannot be considered totally complex, at least for what concerns the design activity.

On one hand, it is possible to assume a request for projects with the intention of managing situations, programs and aspects of a raising complexity; while, on the other hand it is necessary to take account of a request for projects aiming to manage the actual challenge with the regular and the usual. However, in specific cases, it seems that the term of complexity results particularly appropriate for indicating a new horizon deeply different from the one of the ancient modernity. What I would like to affirm is that, in these cases, i.e. the ones which could be defined as complex projects, the overloaded issues, matters and problems, that is the complex designing complexity, are due to the intersection of three different areas of complexity.