Resilient City, Resilient Society

Lab_Resilient_filpa2This workshop will have as main goal to confront themes about the reduction of emissions and the adaptation of urban settlements to the climate change, both conceived in their different aspects: analysis of emissive components, exposition, impact and building vulnerability (specifically referring to the hydraulic risk), infrastructures and urban metabolism, innovative policies to support the maximum efficiency and sustainability of transport, analysis of the ecosystem service, statement of new policies (soft, green, grey) and their economical and social feasibility, inhabitants’ participation, sustainable manners, practices and ways of living, multilevel governances, urban regeneration – applied at different scales (metropolitan, urban, local).

The wide range of competences proposed by the college will allow to describe the workshop issue in relation to the different themes which will come from the professors’ and students’ curiosities; from the sustainable mobility to the alimentary self-sufficiency, from the river basin planning to green and blue infrastructures, from modelling different forms of quantitative and qualitative elements to provide economical resources, from different forms of environmental and landscape renovation linked to the urban regeneration to the integrated containing forms of hydraulic risks.