Archaeological sites, natural linear systems and ancient infrastructures

ImgLabLaureaPallottinoAnalysis of the genesis and planning for the valorisation of the archaeological consolidated and diffused sites on our territory also in prevision of their rehabilitation in the urban and territorial context and with the intention to improve their quality touristic use.

Vision and survey of ancient structures, exploration of ancient damaged and abandoned infrastructures and pathways, geological survey, analysis of productive systems, project of archaeological restoration and territorial requalification.

Arrangement of tools for protecting and restoring the architectural and urban heritage, such as GIS, computer platforms, etc.

Selected areas: Roman Archaeological Area, AACR, Mura Aureliane, Campo trincerato di Roma, Ostia antica, Villa Adriana, Tiber, Aniene and bacino acque albule, Veio Park, Santa Maria di Galeria (Vatican City’s extraterritorial area), via Clodia, internal areas (Tuscia).