Call for contribution UNISCAPE 2020 CONFERENCE

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Call for contribution UNISCAPE 2020 CONFERENCE
20th Anniversary Celebration of the European Landscape Convention
Cultivating the Continuity of European Landscapes

KM0 - Displaying Perceptions of Quarantine Landscape

Worldwide, the lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic, has transfigured urban landscapes, often revealing the unusual and unsuspected nature of our cities. On the one hand, the spectrality of the uninhabited historical centers emerged, in absence of tourists; on the other hand, the suburbs, revived by smart working and the re appropriation of neighbourhood spaces, have shown a generative vitality of the inhabitants but also the inadequacy and lack of attention paid so far to public spaces and housing. Furthermore, in small towns, the habit to proximity and the dilated spaces seemed to have, somehow, better responded to the demands of the lockdown.
With the limitation of travels, the space was at kilometre zero and the everyday landscapes have become the object of our inner interaction. In this fibrillating cond ition, many felt the need to document the changes under their eyes. The inhabitants t hrough the window s the photographers along the streets, the artists in the ateliers, documented, reproduced and interpreted the landscape of the quarantine with their own expressive tools. The exhibition proposed intends to gather these spontaneous perceptions, bringing out the contradictions and the potential of the contemporary landscape, towards a better use and design.

The proposal intends to stimulate the creation of graphic, visual and multimedia contributions that move from the state of anxiety and uncertainty generated by the lockdown towards the prefiguration of future scenarios.
For the twentieth anniversary of the European Landscape Conv ention, which coincided with a global emergency, this exhibition aims to highlight the landscapes generated or revealed in the consciousness of the inhabitants through personal perceptions during the quarantine.
Three are the topics proposed
A. City landsca pes
B. Periurban sub urban landscapes
C.Small towns landscapes

Each participant can send by 4th October 2020 to a maximu m of three contributions which may also belong to different topics ( B, C) in the form of a multimedia file as follow:
- Photographs: black and with or colour, 300 dpi . max. 1MB
- Hand/digital drawings. 300 dpi . max. 1MB. In case of hand drawings a scanned version must be send;
- Video: . max. 2 minutes;
Other any types of contributions can be a rranged with the curators
Each contribution must have a title and 3 keywords.
The exhibition will take place on 15 th October 2020 on Zoom platform through continuous projection over the course of the day. Furthermore, an online round table will be held with a panel of experts, who will comment the results of this experience with t he curators and participants.

Romina D’Ascanio, Francesca Paola Mondelli
Department of Architecture, Roma Tre University, Rome, Italy
romina.dascanio@uniroma3 .it

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