Opening of the PhD year in Earth Sciences

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Opening of the PhD year in Earth Sciences
Rome, February 8th 2022
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H. 10,00: LECTIO MAGISTRALIS of Prof. Sierd Cloetingh,
(Distinguished Professor of Geosciences and Tectonics at Utrecht University)
“Europe: a natural laboratory for frontier research in Earth sciences”
One of the important developments in Solid-Earth science over the past decade has been the recognition of the importance of linking deep Earth dynamic processes with surface and near-surface geologic processes. Europe through its well-studied natural laboratories is an excellent place to further advance insights in the interaction of deep Earth and surface processes. The high level of integrated solid Earth science, the existence of platforms for community building, such as Link identifier #identifier__115073-2Academia Europaea, TOPO-EUROPE and the Link identifier #identifier__80114-3European Plate Observing System EPOS are also crucial in this respect. This provides a solid foundation to connect frontier science and societal relevance in the domains of geo-energy and natural hazards on a full pan-European scale.
H. 11,00: Presentations of the Research Projects of XXXVII cycle PhD
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