Incoming students

Link identifier #identifier__48049-1Information for incoming Erasmus students | first semester 2023-2024

Link identifier #identifier__52443-2Architectural History@Roma Tre | 2023-2024

Notice: You can access the chat for problems relating to access credentials to the Student Portal, technical support for online procedures on the Student Portal (registration for exams, waiver questions, etc.) or you can write to the email address Link identifier that responds in real time.
For all other problems, fill in the assistance Link identifier #identifier__166268-3request form.

Link identifier #identifier__76505-3General information for incoming students

Link identifier #identifier__152989-4What to do before coming to Roma Tre (Application Form)

Link identifier #identifier__128084-5Student information booklet

Link identifier #identifier__12270-6University Language Centre – CLA

Link identifier #identifier__68477-7Calendar of Italian language courses at the CLA

The academic offer of the Department of Architecture

The Link identifier #identifier__46554-8academic offer consists of a three-year degree course and three master’s degree courses: Architectural Design, Restoration and Urban Design. On the page there is a link to the relative program for each course.

Link identifier #identifier__151054-9Where we are
Telephone numbers, addresses

Link identifier #identifier__64400-10Lessons – classrooms and timetables

Map of classrooms – ex Mattatoio

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Pamela Moretto 06 October 2023