Academic offer

image 38593The European and international professional scenario demands comprehensive training in scientific, humanistic and cultural foundations that is, at the same time, dynamic and open to innovation and research.

For this reason, the department’s teaching is structured in three cycles:

  • The first cycle aims to impart an articulated and complete basic training.
  • The second cycle aims to develop advanced and comprehensive professional training, with a distinct cultural and operational orientation.
  • The third cycle is dedicated to fostering an up-to-date and critical specialization.

All the five-year programmes offered by the department are published in the Official European Journal.
Graduates that pass the professional architect’s state exam can enrol in the national orders, under Section A, and establish their own professional activity and headquarters in any European Union member state.

Three-year Bachelor degree course _ a.y. 2020/2021

Two-year Master degree course _ a.y. 2020/2021

Three-year Bachelor degree course _ a.y. 2019/2020

Two-year Master degree course _ a.y. 2019/2020

An Orientation Service is available to help those wanting to enrol, already enrolled, coming from other universities or coming from abroad to choose the best course for them and their goals.

Information on courses taught in English can be found on the Link identifier #identifier__99079-17Foreign Language Teaching page.

Masters and Specialization Courses

  • Research Master’s in “Performing Arts and Community Spaces”
    Coordinators: Prof. Francesco Careri and Dr. Cesare Pietroiusti (Palaexpo)
  • Two-year Research Master’s in “Heritage Cultures: Knowledge, Protection, Enhancement, Management”
    Coordinator: Prof. Elisabetta Pallottino
  • Research Master’s “OPEN – Architecture and Landscape Representation”
    Coordinator: Prof. Maria Grazia Cianci
  • Research Master’s in “Architectural Restoration and Heritage Culture”
    Coordinator: Prof. Elisabetta Pallottino
  • Research Master’s “ReUHREF – Recovery of Urban Heritage and Real Estate Finance”
    Coordinator: Prof. Mario Cerasoli
  • Master’s in “Territorial Studies – Environmental Humanities”
    in collaboration with the Department of Philosophy, Communication and Entertainment of Roma Tre University
    Coordinators: Prof. Francesco Careri, Prof. Dario Gentili and Prof. Daniela Angelucci

Research Doctorate

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