OPEN – Architecture and Landscape Representation

image 95777Degree Course Summary

OPEN is divided into three interrelated parts, the first two, OPEN Lessons and OPEN Talks, have a theoretical and critical nature, while OPEN Workshop, on the other hand, takes an applied approach.

OPEN Lessons is a series of thematic seminars, organized into a series of lectures over the duration of the course, and dedicated to laying the foundations for the training of urban open space designers.

OPEN Talks are a series of conferences chaired by well-known Italian and foreign experts soliciting students on key contemporary cultural themes regarding the representation and design of open spaces and contemporary landscapes.

OPEN Workshops are a series of intensive seminars held by well-known Italian and foreign experts and exploring specific themes of representation, digital design, photography, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), the history of gardening and design, with a particular focus on the transformation of open spaces.

Course educational goals

In particular, the OPEN Master’s Course provides training in relation to:

  • reading the historical stratification of landscapes and urban structures in relation to their environmental and territorial context
  • knowledge of the history of gardening and landscape architecture
  • knowledge of landscape design elements
  • awareness of trends in contemporary landscape architecture
  • competence in the design of parks and urban public spaces
  • application of methods and techniques of analogue and digital landscape representation, with a particular focus on the use of the latest software for three-dimensional modelling, based on two-dimensional cartography and photography, and digital representations of greenery
  • notions regarding the management of territorial maps, their reading on various cognitive levels, and geo-referencing via the use of GIS software
  • application of urban and landscape surveying methods and techniques using latest generation digital instruments, including laser scanners and photo-modelling software.

Employment opportunities

The professional figures that the OPEN Master’s aims to train are:

  • professional freelancers and management figures of private companies operating in the main reference sectors relating to the protection of historical landscapes and the design of new contemporary city landscapes;
  • management figures, external consultants and professionals employed by central and local public administrations and international bodies active in the main reference sectors;
  • figures employed by various bodies operating in the main reference sectors in the so-called Third Sector, such as social cooperatives, associations, voluntary organizations and NGOs.
  • in addition, the course is also useful for the retraining of already active sector professionals.


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Pamela Moretto 08 February 2023