Third Mission

The Departmental Strategic Plan 2018-2020 and the Consolidated Annual Charter SUA-TM 2014 state that third-stream activities are an integral part of the Department of Architecture’s mission.

In line with the general strategy of the university, the department is committed to promoting and continuously developing relations with schools, companies and institutions through a range of public engagement initiatives regarding local culture, cultural heritage and scientific dissemination. The strengths of such initiatives lie in an openness to different cultural and social contexts, and an ability to relate different disciplines, ranging from science to design, history and urban planning, that are typical of the great variety of studies pertaining to the training of architects.

Ex Mattatoio di Testaccio

The university’s Ex Mattatoio di Testaccio site continues to promote this process by playing a leading social and cultural supporting role to the strategy of opening up the department to the outside world.

The numerous initiatives promoted by the department, in collaboration with the Municipality of Rome and with the other cultural entities present at the former slaughterhouse complex, clearly demonstrate the social, cultural and international role that the department has assumed, thanks, in part, to the peculiarity of its headquarters in the urban Testaccio district of the city of Rome. Countless developments are continuing in this direction, including the pending municipal interventions on the central square of the complex, the complete renovation of all the pavilions of the department, and the formalization of various neighbourhood agreements with the cultural institutions that operate out of the former slaughterhouse site.

The pavilions that have been refurbished so far host and enhance the rich cultural programme promoted by professors, post-docs, PhD students and undergraduate students, and outside initiatives that ever more frequently rely on the use of the departmental facilities.

Such developments confirm the commitment to the third-stream goals and strategic lines declared in the Consolidated Annual Charter SUA-TM 2014 and in the Departmental Strategic Plan 2018-2020.

The department does not have a single coordinator for third stream activities, but the various initiatives are managed on a case by case basis by the most relevant parties, and the Review Committee is in charge of general monitoring and coordination.

Since November 2019, the individuals responsible for the various initiatives have been able to send related documentation to the dedicated e-mail address: Link identifier

Since July 2019, the department has had its own official pages on social networks, including Facebook and Instagram, through which the various initiatives are promoted. The results so far have been very successful, and attest to the achievement of a significantly wider audience than enrolled students and faculty.

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Emiliano Mattiello 13 March 2024