ReUHREF – Recovery of Urban Heritage and Real Estate Finance

image 2557The Master’s is a joint title issued between the universities of Roma Tre and Tor Vergata

Degree Course Summary

The ReUHREF Master’s is a full one-year course, worth 60 ECTS credits, offered through a collaboration between three prestigious Italian universities and aimed at improving the knowledge, skills and abilities of graduates in line with the objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy and the ET2020 Strategic Framework for Education and Training.

The Master’s is divided into three phases, the first with frontal teaching, the second with integrated design workshops, and the third as an internship with associated institutions.

In accordance with the programme indicated below, the lectures will take place during the first semester of the Master’s. The lectures will be held at the Roma Tre University, in Rome, using digital platforms that also guarantee distance learning.

The lectures will be interspersed with conferences on specific topics chaired by Italian and foreign experts.

The two intensive project workshops will take place during the second semester, in collaboration with public institutions and private operators in the real estate sector. This will be followed by an internship period lasting up to three months at one of the associated institutions or operators.

The ReUHREF’s Master is twinned with the ACT Master’s in Valorization and Management of Minor Historical Centres, at the Department of Architectural Planning, Design and Technology, directed by Alessandra Battisti, with which it shares conferences and design workshops.

Course educational goals

The Master’s aims to offer the most up-to-date interdisciplinary skills in the creation and management of historical urban heritage recovery and valorization processes, from the points of view of both public administrations and real estate developers working in synergistic collaboration.

Employment opportunities

The Master’s prepares students to for professional activities in the fields of the recovery of historical urban heritage and its architecture and of balanced and sustainable real estate development. The main professional opportunities are in public institutions, such as state, regional and municipal administrations and national and international organizations, for example ANCSA, UNESCO, the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank (BID), and so on, and in private operators active in the real estate sector in the fields of urban regeneration and the recovery and valorization of historical heritage.

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Pamela Moretto 08 February 2023