Seminario di Geometria: Lars Halvard Halle (Bologna)

Giovedì 9 Giugno alle ore 14:15, Lars Halvard Halle (Bologna) terrà il seminario di Geometria dal titolo "On log good reduction of K3 surfaces admitting a triple-point-free model".

Abstract: Let X be a proper smooth variety over a complete discretely valued field K. One says that X has log good reduction if it admits a log smooth and proper model over the ring of integers of K. In general, it is quite non-obvious whether or not such a model exists.
If X is a curve, there is a neat criterion (due to T. Saito and J. Stix) in terms of the geometry of a suitable normal crossings model of X. In my talk, I will present a geometric criterion for log good reduction when X is a K3 surface admitting a triple-point-free model. This is joint work in progress with J. Nicaise.

Il seminario sarà presentato in presenza nell'aula A. Gli esterni che fossero interessati a partecipare possono contattare gli organizzatori all'email

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