ROBELARCH – Harnessing non-linear mechanics and robotics for structural innovation in Architecture


tipologia: Altri progetti internazionali
call for proposal: Link identifier #identifier__16318-1
strumento: Princeton Global Collaborative Network Grants

abstract: The research goal is to develop an overarching methodology of systems, methods and processes based on the integration of mechanics, robotics, physics, material and computer science principles. Collectively, the network’s methodological insights and research findings are expected to uncover comprehensive approaches and contribute to a robust sustainable built environment.  The key components of our network are:

  1. exchange opportunities for graduate students and faculty,
  2. a seminar series and workshop,
  3. co- teaching of a new undergraduate course “Origami and morphing structures”,
  4. joint journal and conference publications and
  5. an annual industry advisory board meeting.

data di inizio: 01.09.2020
data di fine: 31.08.2024
durata: 48 mesi

docenti e ricercatori partecipanti: Link identifier #identifier__126871-2Stefano Gabriele (Responsabile unità operativa – Dipartimento di Architettura Università Roma Tre)

partner: Princeton University, Università di Napoli Federico II, São Paulo  University, Kyoto University

Settore ERC di appartenenza: PE8_3, PE8_4, PE8_11, PE8_12, PE8_16

parole chiave: Nonlinear Mechanics, Robotic Construction, Physical properties

sito di approfondimento: Link identifier #identifier__28036-3 identifier #identifier__147456-1 

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Emiliano Mattiello 27 Aprile 2023