Synergetic Cities

tipologia: Progetti di ricerca finanziati dall’UE
codice progetto: 857160
programma: Horizon 2020 – Research and Innovation Program
call for proposal: Link identifier #identifier__2398-1Making Cities Work – Finding solutions to urban challenges through cooperation
strumento: JPI Urban Europe

abstract: Synergetic Cities is designed to endure participatory processes involving all relevant stakeholders and push innovative competence while operating within a paradigm of sustainability. The disadvantaged neighbourhood of Cureghem, located in central Brussels and today under a process of urban renovation, is the preferential situation where implementing a toolbox for European municipalities to better implement integrative urban transformation processes in the future.

data di inizio: 01.01.2019
data di fine: 30.06.2021
durata: 30 mesi

ente coordinatore: Oikodrom – The Vienna Institute of Urban Sustainability
responsabile scientifico locale: Christian Dessouroux – Université Libre de Bruxelles
ruolo: coordinatore unità locale 
docenti e ricercatori partecipanti: Link identifier #identifier__51636-2Marco Ranzato

partner: Oikodrom; Oikoplus; IGEAT, Faculty of Architecture La Cambre-Horta (Université libre de Bruxelles); Municipality of Anderlecht; Forum Abattoirs (Inter-Environnement Bruxelles); Societé Abattoir SA; Strateco

ERC Principale – Settore: SH3

parole chiave: participation; urban regeneration; social inclusion

sito di approfondimento: Link identifier #identifier__165579-3

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